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Rebuilding and Renewing People of India

Running a political party that is vibrant, dynamic, connected and competitive is a process that requires constant work and constant focus on growth and development. iTDP is one such growth initiative and TDP’s newest pride and biggest organization encompassing parliamentary constituency, assembly constituency, mandal and village groups’ iTDP cadre digitally. In addition to the existing bodies, the party has decided to launch its new wing in the era of social media ruling opinions.

Digital politics are going to play a vital role at the outset with increasing voting population of the country. This wing is designed specifically to engage with cadre digitally from the top till the village level. iTDP will play a significant role in social media, sentiment analysis, mood of the public, information from the party to the public via cadre and vice versa. On a day to day basis via social media platforms, the wing will emphasize on detailing the government flaws and also promote the party’s stand and protest whenever the party is wrongly portrayed.

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